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Donations in kind sought

Here we publish a list of urgently needed articles

Image by Alexandra_Koch on Pixabay

The following list can be downloaded as a PDF here:

Clothing - Men - Women - Children

Bed linen



Rubber boots - all sizes for adults

Mattresses (only 80x200 cm without stains)

Sleeping bags

Sleeping mats


Baby food

Baby care


Diapers for babies

Adult diapers

Children's toys

Care products


Medicines (not expired, liquid medicines and ointments only unopened)





Car tires with and without rims

No low profile tires

Truck tires with and without rims

Tools (in good condition)

Computers, monitors and printers

(Only fully functional)


Flashlights, headlamps

pocket knife


Long-life foods (cans, biscuits etc.)

Animal feed


Vehicles with and without TÜV, roadworthy

All-wheel drive vehicle like pickup

Trailers from small unbraked to double axle for vehicle transport


Off-road motorcycles



Special list from 28.4.24

•⁠ ⁠Fruit/vegetable purees for children

- Baby food

•⁠ ⁠Diapers size 4-6

•⁠ ⁠Chocolate, sweets

- Condensed milk

•⁠ ⁠Tea/Coffee

•⁠ ⁠Sauces

- Canned fish/meat

- Food coloring left over from Easter

- Vitamin D3 for children/adults

•⁠ ⁠Vitamin Omega 3 for children/adults

•⁠ ⁠Nasal sprays

•⁠ ⁠Eucalyptus balm for colds

•⁠ ⁠Hygiene for sensitive skin

•⁠ ⁠Moisturizers for sensitive skin

•⁠ ⁠Children's/adult socks

- Laundry detergent

- Paper towels

- Wet wipes

- Children's bed linen


- Markers/Crayons/Paper

•⁠ ⁠Coloring pages

- Plasticine

- Scotch

•⁠ ⁠AA batteries

- Packages for packing

We gladly accept donations

Fridays from 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

in our donation warehouse, Tannenweg 10 (entrance between house Tannenweg 8 and Tannenweg 10.

Thank you for your support.

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