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Since January 24, 2024, our donation acceptance is
in "Tannenweg", every Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Entrance between the houses Tannenweg No. 8 and No. 10

You can download the current requirements list here.

Information on making donations in kind

Dear donors,

We would be happy to welcome anyone who would help us with donations in kind.

Unfortunately, we have to attach the following conditions to the donations so that they reach those in need properly and can be used there adequately:


- expired for a maximum of 2 months

- no open/open liquids

Technical device:

- operationally safe condition

- all necessary accessories should be present

- no dirty devices

Kitchen appliances:

- cleaned condition (leftover food, grease etc. are not desired)

- operationally safe condition


- washed

- at least good condition (no holes, not worn, etc.)

- no “Sunday clothes” (such as wedding clothes etc.)

- no furs


- only by arrangement

- no built-in furniture

- clean condition

- complete and not broken


- Fire extinguisher max. 5 years via TÜV

- Mattresses not dirty

- no down or other animal hair blankets (unfortunately there are no cleaning facilities in Ukraine)

We continue to look forward to your donations.

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