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Thank you letter

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Following a request from our partner group "Rustam Foundation" in Ukraine, we have made some equipment available to the unit.


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I would like to thank Gunther Maassen for delivering a fire engine to the scene!
Your support is a convincing proof that civil society and rescuers stand side by side against threats. I am sure that unity and solidarity will make us invincible, increase the possibilities for effective response to emergency situations and help save lives.

Pokrovsky District Office of the Main Office of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Donetsk Oblast
Head of Department Tetyana Naumova

A4046 Thank you.jpg

Thank you letter from A4046, home base: Dmytrievka.
We have helped in many different ways and will continue to support them as long as we can.
- Winter clothing
- Sleeping bags & camp beds
- Large batteries
- Frequency scanner
- medical equipment and much more.

Thank you Berdichev Hospital_edit

Thank you from the Director of Berdychiv Hospital for your extraordinary humanity, understanding and support of medicine at Berdychiv Hospital.

Fire brigade.jpg

for your contribution to improving Ukraine's defense capability and for providing a fire engine and equipment to the rescuers of the city of Berdychiv.

*Glory to Ukraine – Glory to Germany
by the rescuers of the city of Berdychiv.

State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations

Order Glory Honor Pokrovska City Administration

Order of Merit "Glory and Honor"
from the Pokrovsk city administration

Letter of recommendation Army 23.1.23.jpg

Letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Defense,

for customs clearance.

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Certificate 4_5.1.23.jpg
Certificate 5_5.1.23.jpg
Certificate 5_5.1.23.jpg
Certificate 6_5.1.23.jpg
Certificate 7_5.1.23.jpg
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