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The 35th convoy

Another convoy has set off, consisting of urgently needed vehicles. The journey goes far to the east.

Of course, the donated truck and the Sprinter did not drive to Ukraine empty, but packed full of relief supplies:

Hospital beds, kindergarten beds, medical equipment, medicines, blankets, tires, some with rims, computers, 200 tourniquet systems and much more.

Drive to the formation of the convoy at the riflemen

Farewell to the THW truck on 6.5.24

Farewell to the remaining vehicles of the convoy on 7.5.24 consisting of:

1 IVECO Sprinter, 1 pickup with 2 trailers, 1 pickup from Erfurt and 1 bus for the return journey. All of this with passport control for good reason.

We still need to practice saying goodbye in a closed manner.

News about our convoy on Radio Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

Unfortunately, the THW truck broke down near Dresden. Thanks to skilled mechanics, it was able to be repaired.

The ONE had barely started when the pickup truck from Erfurt reported a flat tire. Dirk had to get back to work. We can only hope that everything will hold up until the finish.

Nerve food is on board.

We didn't take the Polish customs into account. They had a few ideas about how to get on Peter's nerves. A few changes, effective from 1.5.24, had to be made.

Since 01.5.24 Poland has returned to the pre-war regulations:

Vehicles with a permissible total weight of more than 3.5 tonnes (not empty weight) may only be imported into Ukraine for commercial purposes.

The shipping company has an appropriate license for this.

In English: The trailers may not be imported.

I was kindly informed of this at the border station. If I had driven in, it would have meant a fine of 12,000 zloty.

It's good that there are enough meatballs on board. That makes it much easier to survive unplanned stops. :-)

Start of the convoy on 9.5.24 – Father’s Day.

Without words ...

First packages delivered.

Accommodation in the countryside. Pleasant after the stressful journey.

First vehicle handed over to partner in Kyiv.

Group photo.

Visiting friends. Our fire engine is still doing a good job.

Awards for the drivers. Here Johann represents.

Today: 10.5.24

A group gets a guided tour of the community.

A second group is going to Kiev to buy 2 motorcycles. These are intended for the 225 and 4732.

In the afternoon, the 4046 will come to visit us. We will welcome them with coffee and cake. Afterwards, we will hand over many donations:

•⁠ ⁠200 tourniquet tying systems

•⁠ ⁠4 Tablet PC

•⁠ ⁠2 backpacks with medical equipment

•⁠ ⁠2 power stations


Unfortunately no car transport trailer, it is in Poland and was not allowed to be brought over.

The THW truck will also arrive tomorrow and will also remain with the 225.

The military press also comes to meet us.

German pasta salad, with handpicked mayonnaise, for dinner with our friends.

Early birthday serenade.

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