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Invitation to the General Meeting 6.5.24

Presentation of the 35th convoy, with farewell to the drivers

Location: St. Antonius Schützenbruderschaft,

Am Eichelkämpchen 3,

53757 Saint Augustine

Date: Monday 06 May 2024


Agenda of the Annual General Meeting Sankt Augustin and friends hilft eV

At this year’s Annual General Meeting

On Monday, May 6, 2024 at 7 p.m., we cordially invite you

and we would be pleased to welcome you. Requests for additions to the agenda must be submitted in writing to the board one week before the meeting so that the board can add them to the agenda.

1. Welcome

2. Opening of the General Meeting

3. Determination of proper invitation

4. Determination of quorum

5. Approval of the agenda

6. Annual report of the Board of Directors for the past year

7. Financial report of the cash office

8. Report of the Auditors

9. Discussion of the reports

10. Discharge of the Board of Directors

11. New election of the board

i. Election of the Election Officer

ii. Election of the Chairman

iii. Election of the deputy

iv. Election of Treasurer

v. Election of the two auditors

12. Report on the club’s goals for the current year

13. Discussion about the club’s goals

14. Applications submitted in accordance with the statutes

15. Miscellaneous/ Voices from the membership

16. Closing remarks by the Chairman


The Board


Preparation of the 35th convoy

This off-road truck will be very useful in Ukraine.

First of all, the truck is a member of the 35th convoy and must transport relief supplies to Ukraine

This time, special attention was given to pets. Here is the loading of cat and dog food:

Also loaded were: hospital beds with mattresses, children's beds, blankets, cans, medical supplies and much more.

It's amazing how much fit on that little truck.

Women's power - the truck has to reverse to the THW truck


In addition to the general meeting, this evening we will say goodbye to the 35th convoy heading towards Ukraine.

4 vehicles, including

a 14t truck

a sprinter

a pickup with 2 trailers and

a minibus.

In addition, two motorcycles will be sent from Kiev which will be used by the paramedics on site for evacuation.

The convoy drivers are available to answer any questions.

The 35th convoy covers a total of almost 6,000 km and extends far beyond Kharkiv. The units there are currently under massive pressure and can use all the help they can get.

We are committed to maintaining our support for as long as possible.

Our members and especially the drivers would be happy to welcome you.

The introduction and farewell will take place before the meeting and will take about 30 minutes.

Also available is our ambulance, which we use to help the homeless and which we have now also carried out its first missions in Sankt Augustin.

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