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General meeting on May 6, 2024 well attended

Updated: May 8

Approximately 50 members and supporters attended the meeting.

The meeting began with a surprise. The St. Antonius Schützenbruderschaft 1926 Niederpleis eV, represented by Werner Klihm, presented our chairman with a check for 300.00 euros. These 300.00 euros are the proceeds from the annual Martinus Cup, consisting of the entry fee and donations that have been donated to our work. Since we are currently collecting money for tourniquet binding systems for the wounded at the front, it was decided on site to use the donation for these life-saving binding systems. At a unit price of 10.00 euros, we can save 30 lives.

Thank you very much for that.

At the same time, thanks go to all members and helpers, especially those who work in the background.

A brief summary of the points discussed:

Summary of the tours of the last 12 months: 27 vehicles were transferred and about 50 tons of relief supplies were transported to Ukraine.

We are supporting three units and a transshipment warehouse has been set up on site to ensure better control of the distribution of relief supplies.

Summary of sponsorships: 25 families and individuals were actively supported. Some of the sponsorships were able to be terminated because the people are now able to stand on their own feet financially again. We thank the sponsors from the bottom of our hearts.

Short statement from sponsors: There is a desire for more communication from sponsors, and we will try to do more in the future.

Homepage and social media: Due to intensive maintenance of the homepage, which has 110 blogs to date, we have been able to report on our work promptly. The large number of hits on the homepage is evidence of great interest.

Relief transport customs clearance and new requirements: In the context of limiting corruption, customs requirements have become increasingly strict over time.

All items must be weighed and recorded in detail in a list. The data recorded here is transmitted and prepared online.

This makes things much more time-consuming for us, but it helps immensely at the borders.

Help for the homeless: Our ambulance has been well received and has been able to help several times since it was put into operation. A number of homeless people have been helped on the journeys. We receive support from various helpers. People from the emergency services and doctors are available to us.

With all the above points it becomes clear again and again that this work would not be possible without the great support of the helpers and our supporters.

Thank you for that.

In my opinion, a very important point is: the entire board was re-elected. Certainly also a big thank you to the board for the excellent work that was done.

Members’ meeting in pictures:

Vehicles being transported to Ukraine with the 35th convoy

A very special thank you, written and performed

by Alwin

Thanks to Gunther and the board of “Sankt Augustin and friends helps”


Gunther has big plans for his retirement,

otherwise time will pass all too quickly.

There are still white spots on the globe,

you would have to check that more closely.

This requires a vehicle that is reliable and stable,

The lanky guy should fix it, he can really do a lot.

But first Jutta has to tear herself away from the books,

after all these years, that means something.


Now we can get started, everyone is already excited,

here comes the damn Corona around the corner.

If people suddenly cannot leave the house,

You can't leave them alone in times of need.

Then Gunther calls his friends and acquaintances,

It quickly becomes clear what you can do now.

Whether it’s shopping assistance or packages for the homeless – the range is wide.

Maassen’s house becomes a storage facility.

More and more people are getting involved, that has to be praised,

a network is launched.

St. Augustin and friends helps – initially in the region,

This should change quickly on a large scale.


February 24, 2022 – it marks a turning point.

Russia is invading Ukraine and there is no end to it.

Because in Russia, there lives a would-be tsar,

He rules over the largest country in the world;

he and his clique, they rule brutally,

They don’t care about the fate of their own people.

Want that the brother people in Ukraine,

submit and serve them.

Cover the country with war and special operations,

It is clear to all of us: This must not be worth it!


How can we help Ukraine in this emergency?

The homeland is threatened with bombs and destruction.

On the first delivery, the Sharan is packed to the roof,

and Gunther asks where the problems are on site.

The chaos is great, you can use so much,

that the helpers' heads are spinning while organizing.

The willingness to help in Augustin is huge,

New bearings would be the big prize now.

Garages too, they quickly become too small.

They have to be very large areas.

With Staples, an ideal place has been found.

The helpers now spend countless hours there.

What is piling up there is hard to believe,

is bound to take some people's breath away.

New calls and actions have just begun,

Donations quickly add up to tons!

The good deeds reach the ears of many,

Reifenhäuser, Rotary, MTB – many sponsors.

You can buy a lot of things in addition to the donations,

because in Ukraine almost everything is usable.


But support is not meant for the watering can,

the necessary resources are brought to the site in a targeted manner.

Whether clothing, care products, medicines – everything by the pallet

go on the long journey with trucks and buses.

The convoys are getting bigger; soldiers are also being reached.

Providing them with tablets and drones is not that easy.

With pick-ups and motorcycles it will succeed

also to bring tourniquets to the front.


Incubators and beds are intended for clinics,

With rollators, injured people can walk.

The fire brigade can get started with a fire engine and turntable ladder;

With so many attacks, this is truly a blessing.


Now Convoy 35 – also with animal feed – quite splendid,

4 vehicles fully packed! We're leaving tomorrow morning.


There is still much to say and list,

but space and time must set limits here.

“Help that arrives” – it really is great.

Such acts – we agree – belong in the minutes.


Gunther and board – you did a great job!

That is why you will now be rewarded with thunderous applause!






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