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The 33rd convoy is running

An unusual convoy – consisting of 6 donation vehicles with 5 drivers.

Total distance = 6,000 kilometers there and back with a stopover in Dmytrivka. It will be a long journey to the east of Ukraine.

Our friends from the Rotary Club Bonn-Kreuzberg donated the Unimog to us, which is on its way to Kiev with Kamil (centre) piggybacking on it...

... and has now arrived in Dmytrivka. The truck is a donation from the MTB company.

Stopover in Dmytrivka.

Pickup 1.

Ambulance, pickup 1, with trailer and car and pickup 2.

Many thanks to our partners and friends from the Rotary Club Bonn-Kreuzberg for funding the ambulance. It will do good service close to the front. The ambulance is going to the "Tactical Medicine West" unit, which evacuates people from the front line. Their old vehicle was shot to pieces last week.

Many thanks again to all donors and helpers who made this unusual convoy possible.

In this context, please note that all fellow travelers/helpers cover their own costs (hotel, food, flights, train, etc.). No donations will be used for this.

Continued success.

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