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Dmytrivka says THANK YOU

The municipality of Dmytrivka would like to thank Sankt Augustin and friends hilft eV, all donors, sponsors, partners and helpers with a large stage program.

1 A traditional costume group welcomed us with song and gave Gunther Maassen a loaf of bread.

2 Mayor’s speech

3 Singing performance by a young man.

4 Performance of the Dmytrivka Art School.

5 Violin Concerto.

6 Dance in red/black costumes, the war colors of Ukraine.

7 dance group.

8 Jaryna Bakalück 11 years sings:

May I cry a little.

Somewhere in the corner of the room?

There are tears deep within me.

To the mother who is tired of grief.


May I cry a little.

You do not have to be sorry.

These are the tears deep within me.

Who raped all the children.


May I cry a little.

Grandma wanders around the burning building.

The enemy burned their house.

I will stay with her today.


May I cry a little and scream like a wild animal.

These are the tears in me.

The soldier who lost a brother in arms.


May I cry a little.

Wheat fields are burning.

The enemy is destroying our crops.

Mean, with rockets from the sky.


May I cry a little.

I have no power anymore.

They take away ground from under your feet.

And say: we are not worthy of life.


May I cry a little.

And pray in the emptiness.

I know: it is God who is crying within me.

And hugs my shoulders

(Ira Danilko)

9 Play by the youth of the Dmytrivka art school on the theme of war.

The dance symbolizes what it was like before the war and then comes the play.

The composition “My Hiding Place” shows the war from the perspective of children from the occupied territories.

The event won the audience award out of competition at the international theatre festival “Kaleidoscope” in Lublin, Poland.

Duration: 15 minutes. The work of art contains texts of modern playwrights and poets. Director - Vladyslava Havrylyuk

Choreographer – Natalia Deliyerhiyeva

Closing act of the event.

Acknowledgements at the end.

After the celebration.

At the end there are gifts for the children and young people.

It was a moving and emotional event. Even if you don't understand the language, you still feel for the performers.

Many thanks to the mayor of Dmytrivka and all those involved in the event.

The films show how much effort everyone made to thank us. The whole thing encourages us to keep going.

If you want, you can watch or download the individual videos as a complete video here.

Thanks to everyone involved.


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