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Convoy 34 is on the way

Some of the relief supplies are going to eastern Ukraine – where they are urgently needed.

Thanks to the many donations, the truck and trailer were filled to the brim with e.g.

Hospital supplies such as surgical clothing, medical equipment, stretchers, hospital beds with mattresses and an operating table, as well as a lot of clothing were sent on the journey. We were even able to give the 4046 self-made grave candles. March 28, 2024.

The preparation

Despite dark clouds, we decided to prepare the relief supplies in the yard for loading.

Arrival of the truck

Finally it's here - just park it.

Now you can load

Warm farewell to the nice driver

Departure to Ukraine

Many thanks to the many donors who made this transport possible.

Thanks also to the cheerful helpers who ensured that the truck was loaded quickly with fun and even a short dance performance on the truck. With our Elian, the next generation was already involved in worldwide aid missions.

I had the impression that the nice Ukrainian driver was happy that he could go on tour after just under 2 hours of charging.

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