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Visit with surprises at the daycare center "Schatzinsel" Holzlar

On Wednesday, March 17, 2024, Andrea and Jutta were allowed to visit the daycare center "Schatzinsel" in Holzlar.

Mrs Griese, the manager, her employees and especially the kids, were thrilled with the gifts.

In our luggage we had care products for the little ones, energy food, i.e. biscuits, for the crew and, above all, cardboard picture books. The joy was immense.

The school intern had her last day in this small but lovely daycare center and was immediately able to read a spring story –

something with bunnies of course, since Easter is approaching.

The director and her colleagues are passionate about their work.

Andrea and I went home happy and impressed. What a great visit it was.

The book donation came from the Cologne children's library. Thank you, former colleagues.

After we left, the daycare contacted us:

Dear Ms. Maassen,

Thank you so much for the very best books.

Even we colleagues were thrilled.

We never expected such good literature.

And we can also make good use of the care products.

We had the apples for dessert today and saved the pastries for the next team meeting.

Thank you very much again.

Many greetings to all.

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