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Review 2023

Dear friends, members and supporters,

When the association was founded, hardly anyone expected that 2023 would be so successful. Thanks to the diverse support, we were able to achieve a great deal.

We were able to organize 14 tours,

14 times we have been able to bring hope and confidence into 2023. We are often told that with our solidarity we give a lot of hope, hope that we will not be forgotten, hope that we have friends who stand by us... even and especially after almost 2 years of war, destruction and fear.

With the help of generous donors and hard-working helpers, we were able to bring countless relief supplies, from gauze bandages to fire engines, to our friends.

4 cars for doctors and paramedics

3 public transport buses for the population and for evacuation

4 fire engines

3 ambulances

1 hearse

Heating stoves, washing machines, emergency generators, refrigerators and other household appliances have helped the community of Dmytrievka to regain its footing after the period of occupation and destruction. Kindergartens and schools were able to resume normal operations with furniture and equipment (sometimes in bunkers).

We can be proud of what we have achieved and we will continue.

A look back in pictures


The convoy


Lotte has arrived

Handing over a colonoscopy device


The convoy with handover of transformers

Hangelar Festival of Lights

Our sponsorship project

Urgently needed vehicle was handed over

Fitness equipment for rehabilitation sports in Berdychiv

Three buses are handed over

Dismantling of a doctor's practice in Gerolstein


24-hour fundraising marathon - cycling for peace


Command vehicle of the Herzogenrath fire brigade