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Mixed - many small reports make a "big" one

Even if things are sometimes a little quieter in the media, that doesn't mean that something isn't happening in the background.

A collection of important events:

Our rapid assistance consisting of battery packs, printers and screens has arrived in Dmytrivka.

The mayor (photo left) will now redirect them to the A 4046.

Many thanks to all donors and helpers.


Urgently looking for a professional sewing machine!

The cry for help was heard. Thanks to donations large and small, a machine was quickly procured.

Thank you for your support, the sewing machine has arrived and is ready for use.

Again, many thanks to the spontaneous donors who did not think twice but acted!


Nadya was able to pick up these candles in Niederpleis at the church of St. Martinus, or at several churches in St. Augustin. She will use them to make grave candles for the soldiers at the front.

These candles were also donated.

Many thanks to the donors and Nadya for her work.


Many thanks to the fire department in Troisdorf. We were allowed to pick up 4 pallets of EPAs. They will be taken to 4046 in Ukraine next week.


We were guests at the Sibilla Hospice in Hennef. It was very impressive what had been built there. We will support the work with our 24-hour donation marathon on May 25th and 26th.


Donations must also be maintained

Stephan gave our ambulance for the homeless project a full bath.

Many thanks to Stephan for this effort. The ambulance looks like new again.


Donations accepted on Fridays in Tannenweg. Lots of printers.

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