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Handover of a decommissioned four-stretcher ambulance for Ukraine

Press release from CDU member of the state parliament Sascha Lienesch

Last Thursday (May 23, 2024), Gunther Maassen, chairman of the association Sankt Augustin and friends hilft eV, together with Sascha Lienesch, member of the state parliament responsible for Sankt Augustin, received a discarded 4-stretcher ambulance from representatives of the Cologne district government.


In recent weeks and months, Lienesch has worked hard to ensure that the association receives the discarded 4-stretcher ambulance free of charge. After NRW Interior Minister Herbert Reul also supported this, Lienesch recently wrote a joint letter to the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance with CDU Bundestag member Dr. Norbert Röttgen. The owner, the Federal Office, then agreed to provide the vehicle, which is currently not operational.


The association, which plans to transport the ambulance to the front in Ukraine, will have the vehicle's clutch damage repaired at its own expense by volunteers. During one of the association's next aid transports, the vehicle will then be brought to the Kharkiv region and handed over to the local emergency services. The vehicle will be used to evacuate wounded soldiers and to travel from the front to the nearest hospital. The special thing about the vehicle is that four people can be transported lying down at the same time.


"As a founding member of the association, I am very pleased that this ambulance can be repaired and will once again serve the medical services in Ukraine well. This is extremely important for medical care on the front lines," Lienesch concluded.


Sankt Augustin and friends helps eV:

The non-profit association was founded by Gunther Maassen immediately after Russia's attack on Ukraine in February 2022. The association now has over 200 members and has already brought numerous donations in kind, including many medical products, and 28 vehicles to Ukraine with 35 convoys.

Sascha Lienesch MdL, Gunther Maassen (Sankt Augustin and friends hilft eV) and Alexander Hermanns (District Government of Cologne) at the signing of the transfer agreement (from left to right)

Sascha Lienesch MdL, Gunther Maassen (Sankt Augustin and friends helps eV), Alexander Hermanns and Erik Plato (both Cologne District Government) (from left to right)

Erik Plato (District Government of Cologne), Sascha Lienesch MdL, Gunther Maassen (Sankt Augustin and friends helps eV) and Alexander Hermanns (District Government of Cologne) (from left to right)

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