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418 Christmas packages packed for children in Ukraine

Gifts will be delivered personally by us to Dmytrivka on December 7th

It was a lovely event, with lots of hard-working helpers. Thanks to the large number of donations, lovely Christmas packages were packed. Donors who wanted to could help with the packing.

There were two "packaging lines". One line for girls' Christmas packages and one line for boys. The most obvious difference was: girls had a Barbie in their package and boys had 2 Matchbox cars.

The preparations

Instructions on packing Christmas parcels

Test run of the "packaging lines"

The "packaging lines" in real use

"Final packaging" – finished and closed

Extract of the packed Christmas packages

So, now everything is stowed away.


Impressions – Christmas is almost here

Wait, there’s about to be some Christmas music playing.

Preparations for Christmas coffee.

Big present.

From Lars' Christmas collection.

3 x Eleven(e) Is?

The funny three.

When Santa Claus comes with the HO - HO ...

Many thanks again to Lohmar hilft for the donations in kind in the form of toothbrushes and to the Rotary Club Bergisch Gladbach and the Lions Siegburg for their generous donations.

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