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32. Convoy started on 9 January at 19:00

5,000 hand warmers are included as promised

There it goes, our 32nd convoy.

On the way back from our Christmas tour in December, there was a call for donations to buy 5,000 hand warmers for Unit 4046, which is deployed at the front. Thanks to the many donations, we were able to give the hand warmers to the 32nd convoy. Many thanks to everyone who made this possible so spontaneously.

Other important items went on tour: dialysis beds (electric), firefighting equipment, 45 bags of warm clothing, sports equipment for setting up a rehabilitation sports department in the Dmytrivka hospital and much more.

We wish the driver of the transport, who diligently helped with the loading, a safe and trouble-free journey.

On behalf of Ukraine, we would like to thank all donors.

Many thanks also to all the helpers who loaded the truck despite the cold.

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